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How to Find the Best Antique Car Donation Programantique car donation fast

If you own an antique car, you’re not planning to simply hand it over to any charity that accepts antique car donations. You need professionals who know how to give your car the TLC it deserves. After all, your vintage car — no matter what shape it’s in, is special. It’s not only important to maximize the value of the car for your charity and for your tax deduction, it’s important to know that your baby will be given a new life as it’s fixed up and maintained in the next stage of its life.

Why Donate an Antique Car?

Your antique car may have been priceless to you at one time, but if you’ve found us, chances are you have a hunch it’s time to move on. Of course we understand it can be hard to part with an antique. Making friends and memories at antique car shows, getting honks on the road from admirers, and spending a Sunday afternoon waxing your pistachio 1949 Ford to a glass finish sure feels nice.

But maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve experienced the fun parts. Perhaps you’re tired of sinking time and money into that gas guzzler of a car. There are many reasons people choose to give collector car donations to charity. Here are just a few:antique car donation easy

Your Lifestyle Has Changed. Let’s face it, when you bought your antique Studebaker, you were buying into a lifestyle. You may have joined some antique car owner clubs and enjoyed weekend drives with other antique car enthusiasts. Maybe you have a new hobby or your lifestyle has changed completely. That’s just a part of life. It’s okay to let go of that antique that has been under a tarp in your driveway or taking up precious space in your garage for years now. What’s the point of hiding a beautiful car that someone else can give new life to? Maybe a boat has replaced the antique Packard in your carport -- or maybe you and your loved one are ready to pursue other adventures like trips to Europe or a cruise to places you’ve not been yet. No need to hang on to those wheels.

Your Antique Needs (Yet More!) Repairs. The cost and effort involved with maintenance and repair of these specialty vehicles are one reason owners like you choose to donate an antique car. If you own a vintage Cadillac or antique El Dorado, getting the right replacement parts can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Antique car donations through Cars2Charities are improved free of charge to you, as the charity will reimburse us. In fact we generally add between 25%-50% more value to the sales price of your antique – resulting in a better tax deduction for you, and typically much higher net proceeds than the national average for the charity you choose.

It Doesn’t Make Sense to Sell Your Antique Car. Maybe your antique car is not in the best shape to sell it for a profit yourself. For many who have not maintained the car, the cost of repairs and fixing up are greater than the value of the car. Some CPAs will advise clients that donating antique cars to charity is a smart financial move in the long term. If your car has been handed down a few generations, you may have a hard time tracking down missing legal documents like the antique car’s title – and perhaps registration has lapsed. Our antique car donation program can help with those pesky little details.

What Are The Benefits of Donating an Antique Car?

antique car donation freeCharity antique car donations do wonders to help a worthy cause, but did you know that it’s also good for your bottom line? Of course you benefit from knowing that the world will be a better place through your contribution -- but there are some nice perks for you as well. Check out how YOU can benefit:

Simplify your life with free towing. You’re not doing your antique car (or your neighborhood) any justice by letting a vehicle rust in the driveway or gather dust, even under a careful dust-cover. Simplify your life by decluttering your surroundings. You didn’t intend to turn your space into a used-car lot when you started your antique car collection, but for some donors maybe that’s what it’s starting to look like. When you’re ready, reclaim your garage by calling 855-520-2100 to set up towing that’s free to you. Simply tell us you when it’s convenient and an expert tower is at your service.

Antique Car Donations Offer Great Tax Deductions. What sets us apart is our ability to add value to the sales price of your antique car. Our experts improve the value of your car, or we find a great collector or other buyer who can appreciate its potential and who will take it on as a project car and give it new life. This typically adds 25%-50% more value when you donate an antique vehicle to charity. This is a win-win situation for you and your charity: the non-profit will appreciate the added cash and you can deduct the full actual sale price from your taxable income.

What Are Previous Donors Saying?

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How to Donate an Antique Car for Charity?antique car donation value

1. Call 855-520-2100 or click “Donate Online”. Simply provide a few facts for one of our antique car donation experts and in about five minutes, you can be on the way to a solution. You select the time and location that is most convenient for you to meet with the skilled towing driver. We provide you with a temporary receipt by email explain the “next steps” clearly, answer all your questions and are available to you at all times.

2. Choose Your Favorite Charity. We partner with a lot of great charities. Donate your antique Bonham to help charities like Animal Friends Rescue Project to find animals good “forever” homes. Your antique Edsel car donation could help children and families get back on their feet, or support disaster relief. It’s okay if you’d rather not choose. We can choose a charity on your behalf if you prefer — 1 in 4 donors ask us to do just that.

3. Give the Tax Deduction Papers to your Accountant. Within 30 days of sale, we issue IRS Form 1098-C. You and your accountant get 2 copies, and the other goes to the charity you choose and to the IRS. It shows the actual final sale price, so there is complete transparency.

What Are The Most Popular Antique Car Donations?

antique car donation charityCurious about what antique cars are most commonly donated to charities? Here’s a list of the top 12 most popular makes and models:

  1. Cadillac Model A
  2. Bonham
  3. El Dorado
  4. Ford Model A
  5. Model T
  6. Edsel
  7. Packard
  8. Buick Road master
  9. Buick Special
  10. Studebaker
  11. 1949 Ford

Whether you’re donating an antique wagon, a vintage car, touring car, or any other antique automobile, you’ve found the best antique car donation program to optimize the integrity of your beloved vehicle and offer you the highest tax deduction. When you’re ready, we are at your service.

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