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Why Donate

Top 5 Reasons to Donate Your Car

1You are practical. You value your time and convenience.

  • You need the space
  • You're tired of paying storage fees
  • It's breaking the bank to fill the tank
  • Isn't giving it away is so much more convenient?

2You want to give back.

  • You’ve been blessed - or lucky
  • You have a commitment to tithe or  give
  • You want to do a good thing... to pay it forward

3You value your tax deduction

  • We add value* to your gift
  • We can maximize your tax benefits

4You want to raise funds to help a local group -- efficiently

  • Fund your kids' school - the band trip, sports club or space-camp.
    Isn't this easier than selling boxes of candy and wrapping paper?

5You want some feel good closure

  • To you its priceless. You won't sell it for the world.
    But you’ll gladly give it...to a worthy cause.
  • It has memories for you that are too tender to handle any other way.

Why Donate With Us

1We add value*: We maximize your tax write-off

  • We improve how it runs: Mechanical tweaks, if worthwhile
  • We improve how it looks, if /as appropriate
  • We improve how it sounds: We write a snappy, detailed description accompanied by attractive photos that show the vehicle to its best advantage
  • We know what buyers want: We custom-select the best marketing channel for your donation - the one where your unique donation will fetch its highest-value

2We offer many choices & convenience in how to apply your donation

  • Hundreds of causes to select from, all in one place, and at your fingertips
  • All certified 501(c)3 organization, registered with the IRS
  • You can add your own favorite charity to the list!

3We make it easy!

  • Experienced, friendly, helpful operators
  • Free, convenient towing anywhere (*)