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Boat Donation

We make donating fast and easy. Whether you want to donate your boat, jet ski, boat-trailer (or any other vehicle), you can use the proceeds from its sale to benefit your favorite non-profit. The process is a breeze, and your 100% tax donation is great news for your income tax.   It doesn't matter whether you're a weekend river rat, lake warrior, seasonal fisherman, or a deep ocean kind of boater. We accept all types of watercrafts -- including power boats, air-boats, bass boats, cabin cruisers, houseboats, jet skis, seadoos, wave runners, pontoons, ski boats, yachts and everything in between. donate photo

People donate boats for lots of reasons.  Perhaps you created many happy memories out on the water, and now you're ready for something bigger -- or smaller -- or just different!  Or maybe you bought the boat in a wave of enthusiasm and the thrill has ebbed over the years.  In other cases, that boat was a gift, or something donated to you by a family member or friend.  In any case, you are sensing the time is right to embrace some changes. Whatever your situation, if you have a boat or jet ski gathering dust in your garage or yard, wouldn't it be better to give it to the charity of your choice?  With Cars2Charities, you can do exactly that!

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You receive several important benefits in the process. First, you re-claim that valuable space in your garage, driveway or yard.  Or you free up the money going to storage and other maintenance fees for a boat you may be using less and less.  You can cancel your insurance, and possibly even get a refund on a portion of your registration for your old boat. In short, you can start to enjoy more freedom, including from the mental list of "I should..." hanging over your head.  Perhaps the tax deduction is just the cherry on top.

All of this is free, fast and easy.  You incur no expenses related to your boat donation.  We pick up the boat on behalf of your non-profit, wherever and whenever you find it convenient. Our friendly vehicle donation coordinators are on call seven days a week to make this a snap. You will never receive a bill for towing, repairs or storage fees.  Once you contact us, WE take care of the details with the DMV.  Even if you can't find the title.  After our experts evaluate your boat, we make whatever repairs or improvements we think will add the most value.  We take lots of attractive, high-quality photos that showcase your watercraft to its best advantage to other boat enthusiasts. This enables us to get the highest possible price, which maximizes both the amount you can deduct -- usually increasing that 100% tax deduction by another 25-50% -- as well as creating more value for your favorite charity.

At Cars2Charities, we believe in giving everyone a broad array of choices.  We have a diverse list of organizations that would welcome your gift, or you can let us choose a great cause for you.  As an alternative, you can also designate any IRS-certified non-profit group you prefer, whether big or small, local or national.  Even if they are not currently in our network, we quickly ensure that your money goes to the cause closest to your heart.  You will be surprised how effectively we can turn your old unwanted boat or other water vessel into a substantial donation to your favorite charity. It is really that simple!  We specialize in serving CA, NV and AZ and can support you in all other states as well. 

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