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Donate A Camper And Keep Moving

donate camper charityIs your camper holding you back from enjoying greater adventures? If you’re nearing retirement, maybe you’d like to downsize a little so you can travel abroad or take more cruises. Does your camper need repairs? Is it taking up too much space in the driveway? Maybe you just don’t use it anymore. If you’re wondering whether or not you should donate your camper to charity, consider the pros and cons of holding on to it.

Why Consider Camper Donation?

We understand that it can be hard to let go of something that was part of so many great memories. Family camping trips in the travel trailer, crazy adventures taking your Fleetwood across the country, and your favorite story about the time you were lucky you didn’t end up with a ticket while staying at the camper club in California. You’ll always have the memories, but if you’ve found us, you’re probably thinking it’s time to move on. See if you can relate to the most common reasons people choose to donate a camper to charity:

Your Lifestyle Has Changed. Let’s face it. When you bought your Airstream camper, you were buying into a lifestyle. You joined the camper clubs and traveled the land carefree from campsite to campsite. Things change and that’s okay. If your camper has been sitting in your yard or driveway for more than a year, it may be time to switch gears. It’s not the end of adventures -just time to redefine what your next adventures will be.donate camper free

Your Camper Needs Repairs. Costly repairs are one reason many people choose to donate a camper. If you own a vintage model, getting the right replacement parts can be challenging and expensive. When you donate your camper through us, we fix it up for free before selling it on behalf of your preferred charity. Your camper gets a new life and you get between 25%-50% more value added to your camper for a GREAT tax deduction!

You Don’t Want the Hassle of Selling Your Camper. Selling your camper —especially when it needs fixing up, can be time consuming and it may not make sense either. In fact, some CPAs recommend camper donation as a smart financial move for their clients. If you are having trouble tracking down missing legal documents like the camper’s title, registration or tag, our camper donation program takes care of all of those pesky little details for you.

It Makes More Sense To Rent A Camper. Jody and Mike had no intention of quitting the camper lifestyle. They loved the camper community and still had so many places on their bucket list to explore in their Coleman. However, when Mike had to relocate for his job, their new home did not a convenient place to keep their camper. Jody and Mike decided to say goodbye to their well-loved camper and hello to new campers — of every kind, whenever they wanted to take a trip. After donating their Coleman camper, they have crossed off six more places from their bucket list in four different kinds of rental campers. For Jody, donating their camper felt like a weight being lifted — no parking or maintenance hassles.

“What Are The Benefits When I Donate My Camper?”

donate camper easyDonating a camper to charities does wonders to help a worthy cause, but have you ever considered how you can benefit from your charity camper donation? Sure, it feels good to do something kind. Knowing your camper will be given some TLC and passed on for others to enjoy feels pretty good too. However, check out the following ways letting go of your beloved vehicle can benefit you as well:

Downsize Quickly with FREE TOWING. An unused, parked camper doesn’t do much for the curb appeal of your property if you’re trying to sell your house — or even if you are just tidying up. If your next adventure requires some downsizing, you may want to get started and move things along quickly. If you choose to donate a camper trailer, simply call 855-520-2100 to arrange for free towing. (Charities reimburse us for the towing, along with improvements we make and a service fee.) If you can’t locate your title or registration has lapsed, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Camper Donations Offer Great Tax Deductions. One thing that makes us special is our ability to add value to your charity camper donation. That’s right, we actually care about your camper and give it some love before finding a good buyer who can appreciate all it continues to offer for someone at a different point in the camping life-cycle. By fixing or tidying it up, our camper donation program typically adds 25%-50% more value when you donate a camper to charity. This is great for the charity of your choice because they get more money to do good. It’s also a win for you because you can deduct the final sale price from your taxable income. Nothing like a win-win deal for a worthy cause!

What Are Previous Donors Saying?

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How Do You Donate A Camper Truck or Camper Van for Charity? donate camper value

1. Call 855-520-2100. With a simple call, our camper donation experts quickly gather a few necessary facts in LESS than five minutes. You’ll answer some simple questions about your camper and where you are located. Once you tell us what is convenient for you, we arrange a time to pick up your camper at no charge to you.

2. YOU Choose the Charity. If you’ve spent a lot of time in the great outdoors, you may have a special place in your heart for nature or animals. Camper donations help charities like Animal Friends Rescue Project care for animals and find them homes. Donate a camper to the Salvation Army to help local neighborhoods and mentor youth – or support camper donation for veterans. (Add link to AFRP, Salv Army and Wounded Warrior). If you want to make it even simpler, you can even ask us to choose a charity for you — 1 out of 4 donors do just that.

WHAT Are The Most Popular Camper Trailer Donations?

camper donation fastCurious about what campers your friends and neighbors are donating? Here’s a list of our top 12 most popular camper donation makes and models:

  1. Coleman Camper
  2. Rockwood Camper
  3. Fleetwood
  4. Coachmen
  5. Dutchmen
  6. Jayco
  7. Forest River
  8. Livin Lite
  9. Keystone
  10. Lance
  11. Airstream

Whether you want to donate a pop-up camper or a flip-out, A-liner, trailer, truck camper or camper van, or even a mobile home — Cars2Charities is the place to go for the best camper donation tax deduction and overall experience.

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