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The Golf Cart Donation Experts 

Cars2Charities is a family and female owned Los Angeles based commercial fundraiser and is registered with the appropriate business and governmental entities. 

Cars2Charities is designed to provide donors with a simple, fast, and secure way to donate their vehicles to nonprofit organizations. Because most charities are not able to process their own vehicle donations, we take care of the scheduling, pick up, sale, and paperwork for each donation on their behalf. 

We help donors by making golf cart donations safe, easy, and ideal by offering them the chance to maximize their tax deductions. 

We also help charities by facilitating a lucrative source of supplementary and additional income to support their worthy causes. We want to help as many individualsfamiliesanimalsmedical research, and communities as we possibly can by using our 45 collective years of knowledge about golf cart donations and the used golf cart industry. 

In addition to effectively handling golf cart donations within the USA, it is our mission to spread love, kindness, and generosity to others.golf cart close up

How Do I Donate My Golf Cart?

Donating your golf cart is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!

ONE: Call 855-520-2100 to Arrange FREE Towing 

Golf cart donation in city is easier than ever. All you have to do is start with a phone call. In LESS time than it takes to parallel park on Fremont Blvd, one of our golf cart donation experts can get you started! You'll be asked a few question from our vehicle donation experts. If you already know what charity you'd like your vehicle donation to support, you can let us know over the phone. We will arrange a time that is most convenient for YOU to schedule FREE TOWING.

TWO: Pick a Charity

Choosing a charity is super simple when you donate your golf cart in city! If you already have a cause that is personally meaningful to you, just tell us and we can direct your golf cart donation funds. If not, that's okay too! We will gladly choose for you just like we do for many of our donors. There are over forty thousand IRS approved charities so you can take as much (or little) time as you like finding inspiration. 

If you have a soft spot for our furry friends, the animal rescue of your choice would greatly benefit from your donation. Maybe you would rather donate your vehicle to support  medical research. Giving to charities like the Teen Cancer America,  Alzheimer's Association, or Breast Cancer Awareness may help fund cures for life-threatening illness. Perhaps your passionate about supporting our veterans with a donation to Wounded Warrior Project or USO.

Now, if deciding on just one charity is too hard, we can help. You can just say, “Cars2Charities, you choose for me." Simply let us know.

THREE: Get Your Benefits 

Get the IRS Form 1098-C in the mail 30 days after your donated golf cart sells There are many charity options for you to choose from — whether you'd like to give globally, or right here in Fremont.

Get ready for a sweet tax deduction this year. After we tow your vehicle for free and you choose a charity, leave the rest is up to us. Our highly-trained golf cart techs fix up your donated auto and sell it at a higher value. Sit back, relax and wait for the IRS form (sent within 30 days of the sale of your auto donation.) You can deduct the full sale price of the donated golf cart off your taxes. Both you and your charity will get a copy of the sales document and everyone is happy.

What Are Previous Donors Saying?

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Golf Cart Donation Benefits 

Tax Benefits

golfcartdonatioYes, even a golf cart donation can be deducted from your taxes. We will provide you with a temporary receipt at the time your golf cart is picked up, and then after it’s sold we will send you a completed IRS Form 1098-C with all the details: how much your golf cart sold for, and how much your charity received. The non-profit organization you chose receives a copy of the same form, so there is always full transparency related to your golf cart donation tax deduction. You get to deduct the full amount of the sale price – including the amount we will have invested to improve your golf cart.

When you donate a golf cart you're doing more than simply gaining space in your garage. Rather, your donation through Cars2Charities helps make it possible for charitable organizations in your local neighborhood and around the world to continue their good work. 

So whether you want to donate a Club Car, EZ Go, Yamaha, Fairplay, ParCar or any other golf car model – gas or electric, street legal or not -- our experts help get you the best golf cart donation tax deduction.

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