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Donating Your Truck to Charity 

Your truck has been a loyal sidekick. It’s pulled you out of the mud a few times. It’s been there for you and your good friends on moving days and it has been the host of some of your favorite tailgate parties. If you’re getting a new vehicle, you may be asking yourself, “should I donate my truck?” We understand that parting with your pickup can sometimes be emotional. Here are some things to consider if you’re wondering whether or not you should donate a truck to charity:

  1. Truck owners are special. Your practical reasons for owning a truck sets you apart from other vehicle drivers. Whether you drive a commercial truck, a dually, a U-Huaul, a semi truck, or even a fire truck, you drive for one purpose: get the job done. If you’ve found us, chances are your truck is not getting the job done as well as it used to. Does your truck need repairs? Is your truck taking up too much space in the driveway? See if you can relate to the most common reasons people choose to donate trucks to charity:
  2. Your needs changed. When you bought the truck you are considering donating, you were working in a job where it made sense to have a truck. Maybe you don’t need a vehicle with so much horsepower these days. Or conversely, you might need more! A change in life or a business opportunity may be at hand and it’s time for something new.
  3. Your truck needs repairs. Costly repairs are one reason many people choose to donate a truck. If you have an older or specialty truck, replacement parts can be hard to find and expensive. When you donate a truck through us, we fix it up for free before selling it on behalf of your preferred charity. Your truck gets a new life and you get between 25%-50% more value added to your truck for a GREAT tax deduction!
  4. It doesn’t make sense to sell, but you could use a truck donation tax deduction. Selling your old Dodge Ram, Toyota, GMC or Nissan truck — especially if it needs fixing up, can be a hassle. It may not make financial sense either. In fact, some CPAs recommend truck donation as a smart move for their clients. If you can’t get a decent amount as a trade-in at the car dealer or if you are having trouble tracking down missing legal documents like the truck’s title, registration or tag, our truck donation program takes care of all of those pesky little details for you.Chevy Truck
  5. You’re ready to upgrade. Tom had two cars. For his day to day routine, he drove a newish mid-sized sedan. He also had an 12-year old Dodge Dakota which stayed in his garage the majority of the time. While, it was useful occasionally for hauling things or going camping, Tom didn’t really drive it much anymore. When his friend picked him up for a weekend kayak trip in his new Nissan truck, Tom’s jaw dropped. Heated seats, a rearview camera and an awesome bluetooth stereo system. When Tom got home, he decided to donate the Dodge Dakota to charity and enjoy renting a new truck for those occasional weekend trips. 

How Do I Donate A Truck to Charity?

1. Call 855-520-2100, or click on the simple form above. A quick call puts you in touch with one of our truck donation experts. You’ll answer a few quick questions, and in less time than it takes you to hose off those mud flaps, we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you to pick up your truck for free. 

2. Choose the Charity for your truck donation. You’ve spent some time on the road. You’ve seen a lot. Some things may have even touched your heart. If you have a soft spot in your heart for animals, donate a truck for charity to help Animal Friends Rescue Project or The Humane Society. If your passion is making sure no children or families go to bed hungry, Food for the Hungry is another great charity to consider. Too many good causes to decide? No problem! We can always choose the charity for you — just like we do for 1 out of 4 of our truck donors.

3. Apply your Truck Donation Tax Deduction. Within 30 days of sale, we will send you IRS Form 1098-C. The charity will get a copy of the same, showing the exact sale price so there is always full transparency.

By the way, we also accept all kinds of SUV donations, as well as camper donations. So whether you’re upgrading, or downsizing, we have solutions that make like easier and helping others a joy. Van donations as also very welcome, and you can check out what some of our donors are saying about their experiences, including photos. 
So whether you want to donate a pickup truck, compact truck, dually truck, sport utility truck, full-size truck, heavy duty truck, box truck or even a big rig, Cars2Charities is the place to go for the best tax deduction and truck donation experience.

What Are Previous Donors Saying?

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Benefits of Donating Your Truck

fordtruckWhen you donate your truck to charity, it does wonders to help a worthy cause — but have you considered how you can benefit? Other than feeling like a philanthropic rockstar — knowing your truck will be fixed-up, sold on behalf of charity and be the source of great support for them, there are benefits to YOU as a truck donor. Whether you donate a commercial truck or your own vehicle, check out the following ways you benefit:

Downsize Quickly with FREE TOWING. Your high-mileage truck isn’t doing you any favors if it’s in the shop, getting low gas mileage, starting to cost more in repairs than payments on a new truck. If you’re moving, relocating for a job, or even just decluttering property, you can benefit from fast, easy and free towing. (Charities reimburse us for the cost of towing, along with improvements we make to your vehicle, and a service and handling fee.) Even if it’s at the mechanic shop, when you’re ready to donate a truck to charity, simply call 855-520-2100. Can’t find the title or the truck’s registration has lapsed? No worries. We can handle those details too.

Get a great tax deduction for your truck donation. Our truck donation program is truly unique because we work to add value to your truck. We actually put some elbow grease into most vehicles before finding a great buyer who can appreciate its remaining life. After we give it some love, our truck donation program typically adds 25%-50% more to the sale price. This is great news for the charity of your choice because they get more money to do good things. It’s also a big score for you because you can deduct the final sale price off from taxable income. You’re welcome!

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