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suv donation fastAre you ready to donate an SUV? Whether you’re ready for an SUV upgrade or you simply don’t want the trouble of passing smog or emissions code, donating an SUV is an excellent way to help a great charity while taking advantage of the tax benefits. Our SUV donation program is unique because we put love into these donated vehicles to make sure your charity gets the best possible donation and you get the maximum tax deduction – based on the improvements we make, and the resulting higher sale price.

Why Donate An SUV to Charity?

Perhaps your family is growing and you need a bigger family car -- or maybe you’re just cleaning out your garage and decided three cars is a bit excessive. Perhaps your SUV needs repairs that are no longer cost-effective to keep investing in yourself. If it’s just not worth the money or the effort to deal with any longer, donating an SUV may be right for you. Are you eyeing a new hybrid SUV or a “green” SUV as a commitment to a cleaner energy? Are three rows of seats with a cargo area more than you need now? At some point, downsizing makes sense for many of us.

Dora was a single mom with three grown kids. “My son Keenan bought a hybrid, and he and my daughter Tamra enjoyed shaming me into “going green.” Dora had been holding on to her 15-year old Ford Explorer four-wheel-drive less as a testament to her off-road prowess and more as a memory of her days as a soccer mom. She saw herself as a strong, tough woman and often imagined herself a potential hero in a Mad Max-type future. “I was sure we’d always need our trusty 4x4, but my kids however, felt much differently. It took a while but they’ve convinced me to get a smaller, greener new cross-over. Once I was ready for a change, I wanted to jump on it. I considered selling, but even the thought of the hassle wore me out. The trade-in offer I got was laughable. I’d rather donate it, I thought to myself.” Her old four-wheel drive now supports animal rescue. 

Even if you’re simply upgrading your current SUV to the next best thing, donating is often as good or better than a trade-in: studies show dealer trade-ins get you just 40% of the retail value at which they expect to re-sell your old SUV.

Where Do I Donate My SUV? suv donation easy

There are many car donation programs. When looking for the best SUV donation experts, look for a program that is likely to fix up your donation first, and that does not auction vehicles “as is” to wholesalers. Ask questions. Look for a program that can maximize the net proceeds for the charity you choose, and helps your bottom line most, when tax time rolls around. Cars2Charities is one of the only programs that evaluates virtually every vehicle to determine what improvements can add value for both donors and charities. Technicians have many years of experience working on all kinds of vehicles including truck donations, RV donations, camper donations and, of course, SUV donations.

We come to you! You don’t need to worry about dropping off your SUV donation at a particular place. When you call: 855-520-2100 and provide a few relevant facts, we listen to what you need and what would be convenient for you. We can pick up anywhere, including your place of business or repair shop.

How Does Donating an SUV to Charity Benefit You?

You may already have a charity close to your heart that you’d like to support. If you haven’t picked a cause yet, we make it easy for you to choose a charity from the growing list of our nonprofit partners. When you donate your SUV, we work to improve it and find a great buyer, usually one who is happy to pay retail price once it has a new lease on life. By eliminating the auction / wholesale buyer / middleman, the charity you choose typically gets a larger part of the proceeds. (Charities reimburse us for the cost of towing, repairs and a standard service fee.) While helping a great cause may be reason enough for most, there are some nice perks of SUV donations to nonprofits:

suv donation freeEnjoy your SUV Donation Tax Deduction. After you donate your SUV and choose a charity, we make sure you have all the paperwork you need for your tax deduction, via the official IRS Form 1098-C. Your non-profit gets a duplicate copy of this same form, so there is always 100% transparency about the sale price of your vehicle. We encourage donors to check out the IRS guidelines. These enable you to deduct the full actual (higher) sale price, the one we obtain after our efforts to improve and market your vehicle to the right buyer. In fact, many CPAs recommend SUV donation to their clients as a savvy financial move.

Our SUV Donation Program Adds 25-50% More Value. When you donate a car or SUV to charity make sure that your charity is getting the best possible profit and you are getting the best tax deduction. Adding value to your SUV donation is what makes us unique and sets us apart from most other vehicle donation programs. Most vehicle donation programs sell their SUVs to auction as-is. However, we eliminate the middleman and give some love to your SUV. We make sure the SUV is evaluated, improved to the extent appropriate, and that it sells for the best price. We typically add between 25%-50% to the value of your SUV. You deduct the final sale price off your taxable income. Boom!

What Are Previous Donors Saying?

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How To Donate Your SUV 

suv donation value1. Schedule FREE TOWING By Calling 855-520-2100. Once you provide us with the basic facts and specify a date you’d like pickup, we email you a temporary donation receipt. Some vehicles require extra care, and not all towers are experts – but ours regularly get high marks. They will show you where to sign any documents, answer any questions, and leave you with a copy for your records, as a placeholder until you receive your official Form 1098-C.

2. Choose A Charity.
 Take your time choosing a charity while we handle the paperwork and fix up your SUV. We partner with many great nonprofits. Your SUV donation can support wonderful charities like Animal Friends Rescue, Breast Cancer Solutions, Habitat for Humanity, National Veterans Foundation – and many other great causes. Of course if you cannot decide on a charity or prefer us to choose one on your behalf, that’s an option too – and 1 in 4 donors do just that.

WHAT Are The Most Popular SUV Donations to Charity?

Curious about what SUVs your friends and neighbors are donating? Here’s a list of our top 15 most popular SUV donation makes and models:

  1. Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition, Ford Escape
  2. Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee
  3. Toyota Highlander, 4Runner, Toyota Rav 4
  4. Chevrolet Blazer, Chevy Suburban
  5. Mitsubishi Montero & Mitsubishi Endeavor
  6. Lexus GX470, RX330
  7. Honda Pilot and Honda CRV
  8. Isuzu Rodeo, Isuzu Trooper
  9. GMC Suburban and GMC Yukon Denali
  10. suv station wagon donation charityMercury Mountaineer
  11. Hyndai Santa Fe
  12. Nissan Pathfinder
  13. Lincoln Navigator
  14. Mazda Tribute
  15. BMW X5 and Land Rover Discovery

So whether you’re donating a small SUV, a compact, mid-size, full-size, extended-length or even a luxury SUV – you’ve found the best SUV donation program, to maximize both your tax deduction and the net proceeds to your favorite charities.

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